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The RND token is the key to unlocking the full potential of Rand. Earn higher yields with zero commissions, ever
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Where to buy RND?

RND is already available. Click on the logos below to purchase it

What is RND?

The RND token is more than just Rand's internal currency; it's your key to an exclusive Pro membership.

With a simple monthly exchange of just €4.99 for €4.99 in RND, you'll unlock a suite of premium benefits. As a Pro member, you'll enjoy higher Annual Percentage Yields (APY), the luxury of zero fees, access to top-tier customer support, and numerous additional perks.

Benefits of being

Higher APY

Earn an extra 2% APY in RND on your Earn account

Zero fees

Enjoy a 100% discount on all current fees

Premium support

Enjoy having an account manager ready to help you 24/7

Priority access

Get early access to our upcoming features to help build the product

Win more prizes

Unlock membership to boost your chances of winning

Much more to come...

Stay tuned to discover all the new benefits that will be added soon!

Underlying technology

The $RND token adheres to the ERC-20 standard and is issued on Ethereum Mainnet

Smart contract

The smart contract has been developed using the Solidity programming language and deployed on Ethereum Mainet

Technology audit

The $RND underwent a technology audit by, a leading cybersecurity company, to ensure its integrity, reliability and compliance with industry standards

RND distribution

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