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Introduce Rand’s products to your audience and earn a steady stream of income.
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What do you get?

from your referrals' earnings
Earn 20% of all the earn interest for each invited user within 12 months. Get paid monthly and manage everything from a personalised dashboard

What do they get?

after obtaining 10€ in earnings
Each invited user will get 20€ once they generate 10€ in earnings within Rand

Open to everyone

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Click get started and follow the steps to create an affiliate account and access your dashboard.
Create content for your favourite networks and encourage followers to grow their savings with Rand
When a user joins via you link, you’ll get paid monthly each time they earn interest
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We help you grow

No limits

Enjoy no limits on how much you can earn. No limits on referrals.

Real time reporting

Watch how many comes from your link on real time.

Easy onboarding

Set up your affiliate profile in matter of hours.

Dedicated support

Enjoy the 24/7 support from a team dedicated to help you grow.

Marketing materials

Post content with branded materials from our designers

Long atribution window

Earn rewards for users who deposit up to 30 days after registration

Who is it aimed at?

The Rand affiliate program is open to everyone, but it is especially designed for:

Social media influencers

Community leaders

Podcast hosts and bloggers

Websites of media outlets

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Questions? Answers

Who can apply to become an affiliate?
We do not have any specific requirements – anyone can join Rand’s Affiliate Program and start generating revenue. The only requirement is that you have a Rand account and that you are not sharing any inappropriate content.

Please note that there are sometimes country-specific restrictions that temporarily prevent us from onboarding affiliates in certain regions.
How can I sign up to the affiliate program?
To be accepted as an affiliate, you must first have an active account on Rand. After registering on Rand, log in to the affiliate portal with the same account, where you can obtain your sharing link and monitor your results.
How is the commission calculated?
When users you invite start earning interest on the Rand app, you will receive 20% of all interest payouts during their first active year. To illustrate, if you bring in 20 users to Rand, and on average, they generate 2000€ in earnings in their initial year, you will receive a total commission of 8000€ paid recurrently as users receive interest payouts.

Essentially, for each user you invite, you secure a monthly recurring revenue directly deposited into your Rand account.
When will I get paid?
Commissions are calculated recurrently as your invited users receive interest payments in the application. You can monitor the growth of your commissions in the affiliate portal, and once a month, the total payment is released to your Rand account.
How much can I earn?
There is no cap on your earnings! You can invite as many users as you want with not limits on how much you can earn.
Are there any prohibited marketing methods?
Our only requirement is that you keep your marketing strategy within ethical practices and that you don’t bid on brand-related keywords – everything else is there for the taking!

To be on the safe side, you can add “Rand” as a negative word in your Google Ads account.
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