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The first tokenized subscription that allows you to earn more without being an expense

In the world of finance, true value transcends mere numbers: it embodies innovation and a forward-looking vision.

2023 marked a pivotal advancement with the debut of the RND Token, a cornerstone of our Rand Pro membership. The RND Token is far more than just a simple digital coin; it's a gateway to a suite of premium benefits. As a Rand Pro member, you'll enjoy higher yields, increased chances of winning prizes, reduced fees, and monthly gift cards from top brands. Continue reading

Becoming a Pro Member

Joining Rand Pro is straightforward. With a monthly commitment to lock RND tokens valued at €4.99, you're in. Don't have RND tokens? No worries. Activate AutoMode, and we'll handle the purchasing and locking of tokens on your behalf, ensuring you never miss out on the benefits.

Setting a New Standard

We believe that the Rand Pro membership and the RND Token will set a new benchmark for how companies and subscribers align. This innovative model reimagines subscriptions, transforming them from mere expenses into recurring asset purchases. It's a change that not only benefits our users but also fosters a stronger, more sustainable financial ecosystem.

Join Us on This Journey

As we continue to grow and innovate, we invite you to explore Rand Pro and discover how it can transform your financial landscape. This is more than just an opportunity to save—it's a chance to be part of a community that values progress, innovation, and the future of finance. View less