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A new kind of global lending platform

Rand helps you grow your savings through innovate and stable yield accounts

In 2021, Rand identified a pivotal opportunity to redefine the savings account sector. Our aim was clear: to introduce a platform that was more transparent, competitive, and innovative than existing financial institutions.

Our strategy has been to develop a singular, global lending platform, leveraging the capabilities of distributed ledger technology, commonly known as blockchain. Blockchains serve as digital ledgers, extending across a multitude of computers. Each block within these chains captures a series of transactions, providing a comprehensive, secure, and immutable transaction record to every participant. Continue reading

The continuous operation of blockchains, facilitating transactions around the clock, is dependent on validators. These entities verify network transactions and integrate them into new blockchain blocks, thereby earning transaction fees for their services.

When clients deposit funds with Rand, these contributions are utilized in the validation process across various blockchains. The resulting revenue, generated through transaction fees, is subsequently distributed among validators and ultimately credited to our clients' accounts.

It is imperative to emphasize that Rand transcends being merely a forward-thinking entity; we are a rigorously regulated organization. We take pride in our Custodian and Exchange registrations with the Bank of Spain, signifying our adherence to stringent European regulatory standards. This assures our clients that their investments are managed with utmost diligence, in compliance with all legal mandates.

Rand's approach to financial management, anchored in distributed ledger technology and blockchain, signifies a substantial departure from traditional banking methodologies. By harnessing the potency of blockchain validation and staking, we offer our clients a formidable 5% Annual Percentage Yield (APY), markedly surpassing conventional banking offerings. This achievement is coupled with an unwavering commitment to security, compliance, and risk management.

Our dedication to transparency, client-centric services, and equitable yield distribution distinguishes us. Rand is not merely providing an enhanced interest rate; we are reshaping the essence of personal finance for the contemporary age, making it more equitable, accessible, and beneficial for all stakeholders.
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