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A high yield account that raffles all the earnings generated to lucky winners, every Friday
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Prizes from 1€ to 150€. Paid out each week, directly into your Rand account
Higher deposit =
higher odds
It pays to save! The more you deposit into your Prize Account, the higher your chances of winning
Forget the lottery
No win this week? No worries! You keep your funds and have the chance to win next week's draw
How it works
We've combined the excitement of a lottery with the perks of a high-yield account. It’s the ultimate savings experience.

Every week, the deposits from all the Randers accrue interest collectively. Each week on Friday, the total gains are raffled off to multiple random winners

Questions? Answers

What is the Prize Account?

The Prize Account is a prize-linked account where all members generate yield collectively. The yield is raffled and distributed randomly to a pool of winners once a week.  Yield starts being generately immediately after the current week’s raffle. Members keep the original amount they invest regardless of whether they win or not.

How do I add money to my Prize Account?

To add money, you must first have money available in your Checking Account. Once you have money available in your Checking Account, head over to the Prize Account page. Click on “Fund Account” and add the amount you wish to deposit. The transfer is immediate.

How does Rand generate yield with the Prize Account?

We generate yield with the money all our members deposit in their Prize Account. We use Web3 and AI technology to deploy market-neutral trading strategies like margin lending, market-making, and basis trading. These are managed under a strict risk management policy framework where the capital is fully collateralized and deployed in a market-neutral way to protect funds from any market risk or volatility.

How are the weekly winners chosen?

Our Prize Account algorithm picks winners randomly each week. This ensures that everyone has a fair chance of winning.

How many winners are there each week?

The number of winners each week depends on the number of participants. As more people join the Prize account, more winners are selected each week. Each week’s prize distribution is available on the Prize account page.

What is my chance of winning, and how can I increase my odds?

Your chances of winning are calculated according to several factors including the amount of money you’ve added to your Prize Account, how long you’ve had money in your Prize Account as well as a bonus for keeping your money in your Prize Account for multiple weeks. To illustrate this, imagine that every member has a certain number of tickets. Every ticket increases the chances of winning. The more money you add and the longer you keep it in the Prize Account, the more tickets you have. Every Friday, our algorithm randomly picks the winning tickets. Our lucky members who own these tickets win a prize.

Why is the weekly Prize distribution different each week?

The amount of the weekly prize is linked to how much yield is generated each week. This means it goes up or down depending on the total amount of money our members have in their Prize Accounts that week.

How will I receive my prize?

Your prize will automatically be added to your Prize Account. You can choose to transfer your prize to your Checking or Earn account, or you can keep your money in your Prize Account to increase your chances of winning again the following week.

Can I withdraw my money whenever I want?

You can withdraw your money whenever you want. However, keep in mind that taking money out of your Prize Account in between weekly raffles significantly reduces your chances of winning. If you don’t have any money at all in your Prize Account you will not be eligible to participate in the weekly prize distribution.

Take a look at Rand's helpcenter for the complete set of FAQs

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