Earn 5% APY

Move your savings to a high yield account that gives you a 50x bigger rate than the average banks
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Earn 5% APY - mad rates, believe us!
Watch your savings grow in real-time. Start investing in your future today and let compound interest do the rest!
Bye fees, adios limits
No deposit or account fees with your Rand Earn Account. There is no maximum balance limit, earn unlimited interest.
Transfer in and out, whenever you want
Feel free to move your funds to internal or external accounts when you feel like it! No movement restrictions or transfer fees.
How it works
We've combined the excitement of a lottery with the perks of a high-yield account. It’s the ultimate savings experience.

Every week, the deposits from all the Randers accrue interest collectively. Each week on Friday, the total gains are raffled off to multiple random winners

Questions? Answers

What is the Earn Account?

The Earn Account is an investment account into which members can deposit money and get a 5% annual yield in return. Members keep the original amount invested plus the yield generated as a bonus. Earnings are automatically added to the Earn Account every week. Members can withdraw their money at any time. We recommend keeping your money in the Earn Account to accumulate compound interest and earn even more in the long term.

How do I add money to my Earn Account?

To add money, you must first have money available in your Checking Account. Once you have money available in your Checking Account, head over to the Earn Account page. Click on “Fund Account” and add the amount you wish to deposit. The transfer is immediate.

How does Rand generate yield with the Earn Account?

We generate yield with the money all our members deposit in their Earn Account. We use Web3 and AI technology to deploy market-neutral trading strategies like margin lending, market-making, and basis trading. These are managed under a strict risk management policy framework where the capital is fully collateralized and deployed in a market-neutral way to protect funds from any market risk or volatility.

How will I receive my earnings?

Your earnings will automatically be added to your Earn Account every week. You can choose to transfer your earnings to your Checking or Prize account, or you can keep your money in your Earn Account to accumulate compound interest.

Can I withdraw my money whenever I want?

You can withdraw your money whenever you want. However, keep in mind that withdrawing money from your Earn Account means that you generate less yield and will get a smaller bonus.

Take a look at Rand's helpcenter for the complete set of FAQs

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